Mark Fisher’s k-punk

Mark Fisher was a British writer, critic, cultural theorist, philosopher and teacher popular for his work on ‘Capitalist Realism’ and his blog k-punk that dealt with radical politics, music, and pop culture.

The Polis Project

With an aim to democratise knowledge and produce critical journalism for communities in resistance, in the attempt to disbalance the status-quo The Polis Project believes in diversity, accessibility, and integrity. Its ‘Politics Podcast’ deals with the politics of everyday life in conversation with leading academics, activists, and journalists providing deep insights into how one can …

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Alternative Justice

Alternative Justice’s core idea is to re-conceptualize justice as restorative and transformative. It critically looks at the carceral responses to sexual violence by the criminal justice system and believes that the very nature of the legal framework in deciding how offences get defined, prosecuted or punished is violent. It challenges the idea that all survivors …

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The Kashmir Syllabus

The Kashmir Syllabus compiles a list of sources for teaching and learning about Kashmir. It foregrounds the voices, histories, and aspirations of people from within Kashmir, and moves beyond prior scholarship that often took security studies approaches and thereby privileged the statist perspectives of India and Pakistan. This critical body of work on Kashmir allows …

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Velivada is an online resource website that offers access to the works of major Dalit activists, as well as makes available texts on Dalit history, liberation, and freedom. It rallies behind “Educate, Agitate, Organise”, words famously popularised by Babasahed Ambedkar. All movements should be centred around the building of a platform that amplifies those existing …

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