The Kashmir Syllabus

The Kashmir Syllabus compiles a list of sources for teaching and learning about Kashmir. It foregrounds the voices, histories, and aspirations of people from within Kashmir, and moves beyond prior scholarship that often took security studies approaches and thereby privileged the statist perspectives of India and Pakistan. This critical body of work on Kashmir allows for a lens into the broader study of the modern state, occupation, nationalism, sovereignty, militarization, social movements, resistance, human rights, international law, and self-determination. 

This is an interdisciplinary working syllabus that includes academic scholarship as well as literature, memoirs, and journalistic pieces. It is an incomplete and evolving work in progress. We hope that this syllabus will be used by those within Kashmir studies and beyond, and that it will be useful to academics and non-academics. Although we have minimized repetition across the weekly modules, users are encouraged to think flexibly about how particular readings may also speak to multiple weekly themes across the syllabus.

Syllabus goals:

  • To understand how Kashmiris themselves have made sense of their political past, present and future, through work that centers Kashmiri experiences 
  • To foreground emerging perspectives by Kashmiri scholars, activists and artists, including women and other often marginalized voices
  • To widen disciplinary approaches to studying Kashmir, beyond international relations (IR) scholarship, which largely presents Kashmir through the statist lenses of India and Pakistan
  • To suggest paths for decolonial, transnational and anti-occupation solidarities among movements for freedom and emancipation, through a close study of the region

This syllabus is certainly not an exhaustive or comprehensive list of resources or readings, but we hope that it will allow for a diverse range of teachable materials for each of the weekly themes. If you have any suggestions for additions to make to this syllabus, please email:

Note on updates:

The Kashmir Syllabus has been compiled by a group of researchers and students and is a work in progress. As a syllabus, it is not designed to be comprehensive or representative of all articles written on Kashmir or by scholars working on Kashmir. Please send us your work if we have missed it. Do make selections of your most urgent work relevant to the themes of the syllabus. This is not a bibliography, so please be selective. Also, please be patient since we are all volunteers and can only update the syllabus periodically. Since the syllabus is free for use and is republished in various places we cannot guarantee that the updates from you will be reflected elsewhere but they surely will in our latest version. Thank you!

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