To rage and to care.

Girl Up – It’s Time is a Delhi chapter, one of many, of the UN Foundation initiative Girl Up. We are a group of students trying our best to help uplift, give space to, and amplify voices that have been historically repressed. We are here to stand in solidarity and rage with the many brave womxn who have risen up, and continue to do so, against systemic oppression, in the face of grave and severe consequences

“The language I speak,

Becomes mine, its distortions, its queernesses

All mine, mine alone.”

– Kamla Surayya


Lived experiences are necessary to assert and amplify the voices of those who’ve been historically unheard and to create spaces that recognise the tangibility of problems rather than viewing them as some abstract issue. This is a distance we cannot afford. Any activism begins not with information that in itself may prove to be inaccessible, but with kindness and empathy that each of us can (and must!) find within ourselves, provided we put in the effort. The contents of this website, and blog, thus, aim to provide an in-depth discourse on topics of socio-political relevance. We aim to inform and sensitise audiences towards the complexities of social notions regarding gender and  sexuality, as well as various other concerns and difficulties that marginalised communities have to endure by virtue of systemic oppression. The team is also aiming to work with and promote artists and organisations that may help them affect change at a grassroots level. The content presented here is an amalgamation of theory and lived experiences with a slight emphasis on the latter as we recognise theory to be curated majorly by white, cis-het men who unnecessarily emphasise obsolete concepts such as that of ‘objectivity’. 



We would love for you to come learn with us, and for that very reason we curate resources, gathering information from all over the vast reaches of the interwebs that helps us learn things better. Join us in unlearning and learning together!